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  • DTF is an international process set off bearing the principles unity and cooperation, national approach, participative democracy, human rights and freedoms, supremacy of law, social and common justice and respect for the environment. Every meeting held as a part of this process has an international sense to itself.
  • DTF is based upon peace and considers international economic, social and cultural collaboration crucial. With a new understanding of responsibility in the global sense, it adopts a realistic, stable and humane phenomenon of globalization.
  • DTF is respectful to and considerate of the national laws, state structures and national values of countries in all of its meetings and events. It carefully avoids from actions that may be any threat to the integrity and political sovereignty of states. It will not try and impose a political model to any country or state; it is liable to international agreements and universal law and order.
  • DTF is based on freedom of belief, thinking and speech and stands against any kind of violence.
  • DTF is liable to the principle of approach in its entire works.
  • DTF supports and collaborates with every initiative which aims to protect, make survive and promote Turkic national identity and culture.
  • DTF improves the unity and cooperation senses of Turks living in different parts of the world, helps their collaboration gain strength and stimulates initiative movements. It also offers them the necessary effort and support in order for them to remain attached to their national identity and cultural values when living abroad.
  • DTF avoids any attitude or behavior that may lead to arising of problems in countries where Turks live, resulting in a negative influence on the relationships.
  • DTF adopts the principle of being widely organized in order to create a well-attended, efficient and permanent lobby and keep it functional. It is not exclusive or divisive but assembling.
  • DTF stands within the same reach to each and every association, party, person, establishment or foundation. It will not be a part of actions that may do harm to the integrity, unity and cooperation of Turkey and will not support those who will.
  • DTF will not approve of political and religious propaganda or behaviors that are against common ethic rules.
  • DTF is an open meeting point for all the Turks living around the world allowing them to exchange experiences and organize efficient common events; any person and organization who do not disagree with the above principles is welcome.
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