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Preparatory Meetings


Preparatory meetings are meetings can be attended by every forum participant and will be held at least 2 times a year concerning the organization of DTF and the arrangement of the forum process.

The General Council, the Advisory Committee, the General Secretariat and the Commissions will present their reports in these meetings; the reports will be discussed and concluded.

The general meetings, special sessions, seminars, workshops, campaigns and cultural events which will be held during the DTF process will be carried out in the way that is to be determined in these meetings. In brief, any kind of operation carried out during the DTF process will be given its final form in the preparatory meetings.

Some of the operations to be accomplished in the preparatory meetings are:

  • Determining the main theme of DTF, preparing the program and creating a calendar for DTF
  • Finalizing the last arrangements concerning the seminars, speakers and workshops
  • Carrying out the accommodation, transportation etc. services’ arrangements during DTF
  • Holding various meetings in order to increase attendance to DTF, improving relations and dialogs between DTF and nongovernmental organizations
  • Widely informing the public about social forum processes


Preparation Meetings - 2

Place: Grand Cevahir Hotel

Date: June 9, 2010

Study Lunch: 13.00 - 14.00

Workshop - Meting: 14.00 - 17.00

Contact to confirm: TASAM Head Office (0212) 635 6151


Preparation Meetings - 1

Place: Grand Cevahir Hotel

Date: May 13, 2010

Contact to confirm: TASAM Head Office (0212) 635 6151



  • Turkce
  • English (United Kingdom)