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With the hypothesis of the 21st century’s potential of being the century of the Turks and the era during which Turkic civilization will display a reference in mind, we should help the Turks living all across the world, the citizens of Turkic Republics, representatives of the Turkic world and Turkic social movements and civil initiatives operating in various countries unite.

Dunya Turk Forumu” ( DTF - World Turkic Forum ) should be constituted with the goals of;

  • Creating a discussion platform and operation base
  • Exchanging of information and experiences
  • Promoting scientific researches
  • Creating sub-regional initiatives
  • Contributing to political processes
  • Offering solutions to global issues
  • Making a national and humane contribution to globalization with a new understanding of global responsibility
  • Making good use of international opportunities
  • Eliminating potential threats
  • Socioeconomically developing on both state and individual bases
  • Integration and optimal utilization of human, raw material, capital and information sources
  • Establishing an open dialog and coordination between Turks both locally and globally
  • Gathering Turks’ best abilities around one specific program
  • Improving economic, social and cultural collaboration between Turkic Republics
  • Contributing to universal peace and stability
  • Turkce
  • English (United Kingdom)