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There will also be room saved in locations which bear the halls that will be prepared for the seminar and workshop activities within DTF.

Thus, cultural, scientific and sports events which are coherent with the concept and main theme will be taking place along with the meetings and studies within DTF.

The events held in order to promote the Turkic world, contribute to the Turkic culture and enable the Turks who participate in the forum process merge will be open to public attendance.

Furthermore, stands will be erected where the events will be carried out. They will be on duty during the forum period and help foreign committees find a platform for their promotion and events.

Events which can be held within DTF are:

  • Exhibitions
  • Soirees
  • Performances
  • Promotions
  • Campaigns
  • Festivals
  • Scientific events
  • Turkic Olympics (in long term) etc.
  • Turkce
  • English (United Kingdom)