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Basic Principle

The main principle for organization in the beginning will be the realization of minimum bureaucracy and productive economic expenditure. In time, organization will be expanded as productivity increases.

Since DTF is an international process created in order to attend to and find solutions for all sorts of problems concerning the Turkic, it is inevitable to form several structures during the organization phase as well.

Only if constructed with a modern management understanding will it be possible for DTF to act according to its missions and determined goals.

Having been intended to set an example of civil organization, DTF will have a vertical or horizontal organization model in view of Turkic traditions and the dynamics and power of the Turks within the relative area.

Vertical organization model is adopted in organizations founded concerning a specific problem or program while horizontal organization model is adopted in organizations founded in order to handle the entire problems of a specific region.

Vertical organizations serve for a single purpose in a vast area, whereas horizontal organizations serve in a multipurpose manner within a small region or a specific population. Vertical organizations have a hierarchical way of structure from the lowest to the highest rank.

In the interest of managing to carry out the DTF process well, establishing a not-so-strict hierarchical structure and being able to organize more efficiently the vertical organization model will be used along with the horizontal organization model in order to reach out to wider target groups. Thus, by means of commissions which will be founded with the vertical organization model, it will be possible to make contact with the Turkic in their own living space.



  • Turkce
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