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From The Chairman

In our era, globalism is discarding international relations, political and socio-cultural interplays from their traditional lines and moving them to the new dimensions. The new strategies being applied in a flash give birth to new developments. In line with these developments, the countries which do not produce new projects of vital importance; are obliged to stay as the object of globalism, not the actor of it.

Turkey, at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa; needs to become a state that affects globalism rather than exposing to its effects. Within the period that we have entered to 21st century; Turkey should leave the classical understandings of the past; and should support seriously its politicians, business men, academics, artists and new generations in opening to the outside world. Admittedly, as well as the necessity of opening to the outside world, it is an inevitable obligation to comprise an attraction power from abroad to Turkey.

At this point, it is the Turkic World which is one of the fundamental possibilities that would transform globalism into an opportunity rather than its being a risk for our country. The term “Turkic World” comprehends geographically and culturally all the peoples with Turkic descendence and it implicates broader meaning than the terms Central Asia and Turkistan. Aside with Central Asia; Turkic World embodies Turkey, Europe, and Caucasus, the Turkic regions within China and Russian Federation and Turkic Diaspora. At the same time, the term expresses all the Turkic Republics and autonomous Turkic Republics and communities.

Certainly, the idiocratic conditions of international law and politics of this era, make impossible a Turkic World which is politically integrated. However, this reality does not prevent the possibility of developing the mutual relations between all Turkic Republics, autonomous Turkic states and communities and Turkic Diaspora based on cooperation. The enhancing of the interaction within the Turkic World and Turk cultural area; the developing of political, economic and cultural cooperation, advancing the solutions to problems would contribute to  peace on global scale and to establishment of democracy and stability.

Considering this fact, TASAM has conceptualized a Project which would bring together the Turks living around the world, the representatives of Turkic World and various Turkic social movements and civil initiatives acting in several countries within the framework of social, cultural and economic issues with the establishment of a World Turkic Forum.  World Turkic Forum would function as an international forum in which strategies are discussed and it would be a dialog ground fort he Turkic World. It would also serve as the basis for bringing together all the social movements and organizations that represent Turks, for transferring their experiences to each other ;for the calendars of actions  and finally for alternative proposals.

Within this framework, 1st World Turkic Forum whose main theme is “Turkic Council, Turkic Diaspora and Socio-Economic Cooperation” is going to be implemented between 20-22 October 2010 in İstanbul. It is being planned to encourage the participation of independent Turkic States to the Forum, with their official and civil delegations regardless of their being part of the Turkish Speaking Countries Cooperation Council Treaty; including the Turkic Diaspora’s opinion leaders around the world. The Forum intends to attain, as the outcome of the first meeting, a sustainable and reliable institutionalization.

In order to be able to successfully conduct the process by interiorizing the acquisitions of favorable and unfavorable experiences accumulated in this field in the last 20 years; a board has been established by the doyens; and all the NGOs acting within this field, think tanks and the Networks of TASAM forthcoming in 4 continents have been implicated to the preparation and planning process.

Best regards


Süleyman ŞENSOY

Chairman of TASAM

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