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General Council

The General Council will be in charge to enable DTF’s being a constant and long-term process. The criteria according to which the General Council members will be elected and the way this election process will be carried out are to be announced to public with the foundation call.

The General Council will play a central role concerning the strategic direction DTF is going to yield to. It will define the functions and missions of DTF process’s other structures and be the supreme organ of this structuring. General, national and regional commissions will be working in coordination with the General Council in means of organization and duty. The General Council will be reflecting regional, social and national diversity within itself and reflecting the world Turkic society.

The General Council will be supreme in relation to several sub-forums, thematic and national forums which will be held as a part of the DTF process and will have a voice in these forum courses.

The General Council, which will be held at least twice a year, is to be the only official decision-making body where various commissions will present and discuss reports with coordination. The general politics and agenda of DTF will be determined in these meetings.

Participation in the General Council will be possible in two ways:

  • Constant members
  • Guests and observers who will be attending occasionally (People whose occasional attendance is believed to be of importance in means of international circumstances and the dynamics of DTF’s organization)

The General Council will also be open to all the Turks and Turkic social, economic etc. organizations’ and movements’ representatives from around the world who seize the DTF principles. The work results of commissions and DTF Secretariat’s works will be brought with to these meetings in order to resolve and finalize them.

The General Council is supposed to compose of elected people so that it can be permanent. The General Council will be in charge of making main decisions concerning the DTF process, preparing the program and so on.

The responsibilities of the General Council are:

  • Accelerating the expanding process of DTF
  • Determining the strategy of DTF
  • Maintaining relations with international movements, campaigns, initiatives and other activities
  • Promoting DTF’s upcoming meetings
  • Enabling the occurrence of mutual social, thematic and economic actions between the organized forums
  • Providing and supporting the foundation of national commissions in countries where Turks live and the population is mostly Turkic.
  • Determining themes, methods, formats and speakers as well as generating structures in order to provide fund.
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