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As a part of the DTF process and with the consent of the General Council, regional, local and thematic sub-forums will take place. Sub-forums will be consisting of forums and workshops concerning the national and local issues.

These forums will regionally, locally and thematically bring together the relative persons, establishments and foundations enabling them to participate in the international process.

Thematic Forums

  • World Turkic Parliament Members Forum
  • World Turkic Regional Managements Forum
  • World Turkic Education Forum
  • World Turkic Women Forum
  • World Turkic Children Forum
  • World Turkic Youth Forum
  • World Turkic Culture Forum
  • World Turkic Literature Forum

National Forums

  • Turkey Social and Economic Forum
  • Germany Turkic Social and Economic Forum
  • Middle Asia Turkic Social and Economic Forum
  • America Turkic Social and Economic Forum
  • Europe Turkic Social and Economic Forum etc.
  • Turkce
  • English (United Kingdom)