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Turkic Council

Turkish Speaking Countries Cooperation Council, Turk Council briefly is an international organization that is established on 3 October 2009 with the Nahcivan Treaty signed between Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey.

In terms of modus operandi, the Council is equivalent to Europe Council, British Commonwealth, Arab League, Organization of Islamic Conference or International Organization of Francophonie.
The institutional center of the Council, whose precepts are based on the Turkish Speaking Countries Summit being attended since 1992, is Istanbul.

Turk Council has three centers: Istanbul, Baku and Astana. Istanbul is the administrative center. Baku is the center of the Assembly of Parliamentary. As for Astana; it is the center of Turk Academy. Turk Academy TURKSOY is located in Bishkek.

Turkish Speaking Countries Cooperation Council is composed of the following sub-units:

• The Council of Foreign Ministers
• The Committee of Senior Officials
• The Committee of Doyens
• The Assembly of Parliamentary (TÜRKPA)
• The Academy of the Council
• The Common Administration of Turk Culture and Art

The Presidents of the Countries meet twice, impending official and non-official, in various cities. Besides, foreign ministers and bureaucrats attend regular meeting during the year. Presidents and delegations of the parliament meet in Baku.
Once every three years, General Secretariat changes. First period of the Presidency is being held by Turkey and for three years the General Secretary will be assigned by Turkey.
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