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4th World Turkic Forum

'Public Diplomacy, Media, Information'


4th World Turkic Forum will provide a strategic contribution to multidimensional capacity building in the Turkic World and Diasporas by the main theme of “Public Diplomacy, Media, Information” parallel to the agenda ofTurkic Council 2015 Summit which is to be held In the host of H.E. Nursultan NAZARBAYEV, the President of Kazakhstan Republic.


 Main Theme

“Public Diplomacy, Media, Information”



- Local - Global Governance; Media, Information and Public Diplomacy

- Chance of the Government Nature, Expectation Management & Security; Public Diplomacy, Media, Information

- Public Diplomacy, Media, Information; New Perspectives for Turkic World and Diasporas

  Local Managements

  Civil Society


  Private Sector

  Universities and Academy

  Cinema and TV Publishing

- Tourism, Culture, Representation and Public Diplomacy

- Perception Management in Turkic World and Diasporas

  Socioeconomic and Cultural Integration

- Armenian Question in its 100th Anniversary

- Turkic World Student and Academician Exchange Programs

- 2015 | Çanakkale Spirit in Turkic World in the 100th Anniversary


        Vision Document ( RU )                                                                                 Vision Document ( EN )         

        Program ( TR )                                  Program ( EN )                                    Program ( RU )         

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