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General Council

The General Council will be in charge to enable DTF’s being a constant and long-term process. The criteria according to which the General Council members will be elected and the way this election process will be carried out are to be announced to public with the foundation call.

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Committee of Founders

The Committee of Founders will be composed of delegates of organizations which will recognize the DTF establishment principles, seize the main goals and sign the declaration of establishment that will be introduced to the public.

The Committee of Founders will maintain the attendance to and sustainability of the process which will be carried out according to DTF’s principles and main goals.

The Committee of Founders will create a temporary draft program for DTF and every step will be taken considering this program.

Ensuring an active participation during the DTF processes and constituting the General Council are also in responsibility of the Committee of Founders. Only during the transitional period will the Committee of Founders be at charge, leaving its authority to the General Council which will later on be constituted.

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